About Us


What is QuickRewards Network?

QuickRewards Network is an incentive-based marketing company. Since 2002, our goal is to provide top notch customer service to our primary clients: Members and Advertisers.

Our Mission:

The goal of QuickRewards is to provide their members with top customer support as well as maximize their earnings. Our goal is to ensure customer loyalty long-term relationships. In addition, our mission is to provide our advertisers with the targeted traffic they desire at low prices they can afford while maximizing their return on investment.


Members of QuickRewards will be able to earn rewards for shopping online, watching videos, taking online surveys, reading emails, using grocery store coupons, signing up for offers and much more. QuickRewards pays its members quickly and provides extremely fast customer service. Each member will receive their rewards in gift certificates or PayPal. We treat every member equally and go beyond our competition.


As an advertiser, you will receive quality targeted traffic at very competitive prices. Our goal is to keep our advertisers satisfied and to develop a long lasting relationships. One of our primary focuses is to make sure that our advertisers are getting the maximum return on their investment. We work very closely with our advertisers to guarantee maximum results.