QuickPoints are fractions of a cent. 100qp = $.01. QuickPoints convert to cash automatically. You may see some surveys listed in terms of qp instead of cash. Keep in mind that 1000qp = $.10, 5000qp = $.50, 10000qp = $1.00, etc.

QuickPoints convert automatically any time you have accumulated 100 or more. The value of 100 QuickPoints is $0.01. Once you 100 or more qp, 100 will be subtracted from your qp total, adding $.01 to your cash balance, and leaving a remainder (if any). For example if you have 75qp and you complete an activity for 50qp, the 125qp total will convert to $.01 with 25qp left over.

Tokens can be earned by doing various activities on the site. They can be redeemed for merchandise prizes such as movie tickets and magazine subscriptions. You can see the prizes and their costs by visiting the redemption section.

Members may receive a reward for completing an activity within an email such as a survey or taking advantage of a shopping deal. Members are not paid simply to read an email.

This can happen for several reasons: your account may have been closed or suspended temporarily due to suspicious activity such as concerns that your account was compromised, you may have selected the option when signing up to not receive emails, you could have accidentally clicked the unsubscribe button in an email, or your email provider may be blocking our messages. Please check your spam or bulk mail folder to see if our messages are there and if so, mark several of them as not-spam. If they are not there, please contact us for assistance.

You can opt out of emails by logging into the site and visiting the Account section, by emailing us to unsubscribe, or by clicking a link in one of our emails to unsubscribe and close your account. By contacting us, we can unsubscribe you but keep your account open. All of the same earning opportunities plus many more are available by visiting our website directly.

Members can earn for various activities including watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, playing games, signing up for offers, and more.

Not at the current time, as this area of our site is being updated. Please check back later.

Most larger offers can only be completed once. Smaller offers for watching videos, viewing slideshows, or printing coupons usually may be completed daily. Performing searches, visiting websites, playing games can be completed daily. A new "day" begins at midnight ET.

No, members may use any email address they wish, and it does not have to match the email on file with QuickRewards Network.

Members may cash out to PayPal with no minimum required. Other gift cards are available starting in denominations of $5.00. Although there is no minimum required to cash out, we request that members limit PayPal cashouts to no more than two a day. Please note that QuickRewards Network reserves the right to require that a PayPal account be verified.

Members may redeem for Paypal, e-Gift Cards to Amazon.com, or physically mailed gift cards. Tokens may be redeemed for merchandise such as movie tickets and magazine subscriptions.

No. You may cash out for as much as you like. Some members cash out once a month or once or twice a year. It is your earnings and entirely up to you.

PayPal and Amazon.com e-Gift Card redemptions are usually processed within hours. Other gift cards are physical cards typically mailed once a week. Please allow 1-2 weeks for physical gift card delivery.

Unfortunately, this is not allowed as most of our gift card providers do not ship to P.O. Boxes. You may cash out your earnings for PayPal or for Amazon gift certificates which are emailed.

Canadian members may cash out for PayPal or gift cards. Unfortunately, token redemptions for merchandise such as movie tickets and magazine subscriptions can only be shipped to US members at this time.

Most gift cards do not require any shipping charges. A few, including Walmart and Target, do incur additional shipping costs and the cashout page clearly indicates the postage fee. Merchandise prizes for token redemptions do not incur shipping fees.

To get credited for shopping, you must click through QuickRewards Network's Shopping section first, then place items into your cart and check out. We recommend that you clear your cookies and cache before going to our site to shop. You will need to have cookies and pop-ups enabled, and toolbars and adblockers disabled. The use of coupon codes other than those displayed on the site when you click through our link will frequently invalidate cashback. If you click through our link to a store and see a coupon code there, it is okay to use and will not interfere with cashback. If you would like to know if there are other coupon codes available that will combine with cashback, we would be happy to check for you.

Most stores will automatically credit cashback to your account by the time you receive your order. If you have received your order and 7 days has passed without cashback credit, please contact us to investigate. Travel cashback will usually not credit until after your travel is complete. Some stores noted on QuickRewards will require that you forward your order confirmation email to us for credit. Please do so after you have received your order and 7 days has passed since the order date. In some cases we may need to contact the merchant to get cashback approved. This can delay cashback processing depending on the speed of the merchant's response. If for some reason QuickRewards was not paid a sales commission on your order, we will be unable to award the cashback credit.

This depends on the merchant. Most merchants do not pay cashback on the portion of an order paid for with a gift card. If you made a $100 purchase and used a gift card to pay for $20 of it, the remaining $80 would be eligible for cashback credit.

This also depends on the merchant, but usually you do not. Stores eligible for cashback on the purchase of gift cards are found within the Gift Certificate category of the Shopping section. Please note: this list is subject to change at any time and if QuickRewards did not receive commission for your purchase, we will be unable to award the cash back.

If an order is cancelled, our system will reverse the cashback on your order. If a particular item is returned, it is the member's responsibility to let QuickRewards know so that part of the cashback can be deducted from the member's account. If the member places an order, then has to call the merchant to make a change, this may invalidate the entire order's cashback. If for any reason all or part of an order's sales commission is reversed, the member will be required to return the cashback to QuickRewards.

We recommend against this as in most cases these will invalidate cashback. If you would like for us to check to see if there is a similar coupon code available that will combine with cashback, please email us before ordering and we will check.

Please let us know if you have a favorite store not already listed on our site and we will do our best to add them.

No, you can use any email address you'd like. If you shopped from a store that requires you to forward your order confirmation email for credit, please be sure to let us know what email address you have on file with us in order to expedite processing of your cashback reward.

This depends upon the offer. The offerwall will list the approximate wait time. For offers worth over 5,000qp, please confirm the status with the offerwall as being updated to Completed or Awarded, then send a screenshot of the status along with the offer name and amount of the reward to our support email for manual credit.

If the status of a completed offer does not change on the offerwall to Completed or Awarded, please use the contact link next to the offer on the offerwall to contact their customer support. They may need to see a screenshot showing you completed the requirements, or they may request that you send them a confirmation email for signing up. Most offers will only credit one time so if you completed it on another rewards program, it will not credit again on QuickRewards. If for some reason the offerwall does not award the credit, QuickRewards will not be able to add credit manually. Clearing your cookies and cache before going to the offerwall sometimes helps.

No, you can use any email that you would like. In fact, we recommend that you use a separate email address that you only use for doing offer signups as sometimes these can generate a number of emails from the advertiser

No, you may do as many offers as you would like, but please remember that you may only do most of the signups once, and that if they are not approved and awarded by the offerwall, QuickRewards Network will not be able to add credit manually.

Joining QuickRewards Network is completely free. We will never charge you to be a member or ask you to pay for upgraded memberships.

QuickRewards Network is open to residents of the US and Canada age 18 or older. Membership is limited to one account per household. Members can not open multiple accounts. Our advertisers want us to send them unique households and not pay the same person multiple times for doing the same thing.

Visit our website at QuickRewards.net and follow the prompts to complete a simple, 30-second form to create your account. After completing the form, go to your email and click the confirmation link we send.

Sign up with an email account that you will check often as we will send earning opportunities to you daily. Because we may need to contact you regarding redemptions questions, website upgrades, or other administrative purposes, temporary email addresses such as those through 10MinuteMail are not permitted. Emails ending in a different country code than the US or Canada (such as .RU) are not allowed.

Simply click on Lost Password/Missing Confirmation link on the bottom of the page and enter your email address to have it resent. If you still don't receive it, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist you.

You are required to follow the rules stated in the Terms of Service, for example, limiting accounts to one per household, avoiding VPN use, and keeping your contact information updated.

Yes, members are required to sign in and earn at least one QuickPoint every 90 days. Dormant accounts will periodically be deleted, with all earnings forfeited.

You can cancel your membership any time by emailing us and requesting that we close your account, or by clicking a link in our emails to unsubscribe and close account.

Simply click on Lost Password link on the front page and enter your email when requested, or you email us to send a randomly generated temporary password.

You may change your email in your Account Settings, or by contacting our support team.

As stated in our Terms of Service, accounts can be closed for multiple reasons including but not limited to suspected fraudulent activity, opening multiple accounts, or using a VPN, TOR, or other software or settings to hide your location. We retain the right to request a copy of your photo ID and a utility bill in your name as proof of identity in situations where potential fraud is suspected. Account closure is permanent and without payment. Please read the Terms carefully before joining.

If you are a United States resident, we are required to ask for your social security number if you redeem your rewards for $600 or more in a calendar year, in order to generate a federally-mandated 1099 form.

Passwords are case sensitive; be certain you are entering it correctly. Even with a correct password, if you are on a VPN, our site may block you from logging in as the use of a VPN is not allowed. After 3 unsuccessful login attempts, our site will lock your account for 24 hours for security purposes. Your account may have also been suspended due to reporting our emails as spam, to confirm a large cashout was actually made by you, or for an unusual pattern of activities we feel may indicate your account was hacked, as well as other administrative reasons. If you are unable to log in, please contact us and we will investigate.

For any other questions, please contact us at support@quickrewards.net